Facts and Data

Interested in learning about studies involving cannabis and effects of legalization?


MYTH: Youth use will increase after legalization aka “Think of the Children!”

FACT: Youth use DOES not increase after legalization

National Survey on Drug Use and Health – 2017  – Great news from the latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health. Colorado children, age 12-17, saw a statistically significant decrease in past month cannabis use. From 11.1% to 9.1%. This coincides with an increase in funding prevention programs from cannabis taxes.


MYTH: Cannabis use will lead to harder and more addictive substances

FACT: Cannabis DOES NOT lead to harder drugs, in fact in can lead to recovery from opiates.

Dispelling the Gateway Theory – What science says about Cannabis and drug addiction – The myth of marijuana as a gateway drug has existed for some time and is largely an outgrowth of antimarijuana propaganda during the war on drugs. The Institute of Medicine found that marijuana use does not appear to cause or be the most significant predictor of serious drug abuse


MYTH: Cannabis sales in our city will lead to more and more crime!

FACT: Cannabis has been in our community legal in some way since 1998, with no linked increase in crime. We also see evidence from other states that crime in fact has gone down.

Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization – First-pass evidence is provided that the legalization of the cannabis market across US states is inducing a crime drop…. The legalization also increased consumption of marijuana and reduced consumption of other drugs and both ordinary and binge alcohol. Four possible mechanisms are discussed: the direct psychotropic effects of cannabis; substitution away from violence-inducing substances; reallocation of police effort; reduced role of criminals in the marijuana business.